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Spirit, Mind & Body 

Learn one-on-one or grow with a group;

hosting your own wellness events deepening your connection inwardly, reflecting your external experiences. Watch to learn more about the development of WeLull and WeLull Doga here.

WeLull Founders pictured:
Natasha Baillères, Psy.M., MA.E.
Cooper Baillères, Rescue., D'ogi.


At WeLull our primary promise is to strengthen participants inherent and intuitive abilities within themselves inwardly, to expand their capacity to connect and create.

After a difficult season losing my brother and best friend Alexander Baillères in 2019, I was fortunate to receive the pup we rescued 6 years prior, Cooper. While studying clinical psychology, grief & animal human bond at Columbia University and producing at, the development of WeLull's D'oga came into fruition; creating meaning from my grief.  

Studies have shown practicing breath work, yogic movement, cognitive behavior therapy and the energy shared between canine and human have the ability to decrease anxiety, treat depression, assist in grieving, increase brain function, increase circulation and create space to change habits.

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