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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

After working at NFL Network and  Snap.Inc while earning a double masters in Education and Clincial Psycology at Pepperdine and Columbia Univeristy, Lull Health and Wellness now @WeLull was founded. Building digitial literacy, working and training at top companies, while studying the science of spirit mind and body, two worlds became one in WeLull. Offering wellness practics online, and planning in person events during the quaranitne period of COVID-19, WeLull now offers breathwork, mindfullness and yoga  group trainings, as well as Animal human bond doga events for your community!

I am Natasha of WeLull, Founder and CEO. The woman, website developer, content creator and wellness practitioner on the other end of this online platform. Know with confidence, that when your asking a question or seeking 1-1 counseling, it is me on the other end working with you every step of the way. I am passionate about the science behind spirit mind andn body medicine. I enjoy working with large companies, small companies, 1-1 in ALL THINGS WELLNESS! Message me for any questions or curiosity you have about WeLull @ Natasha@lullhealthandwellness.com

Partners & Clients

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