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About WeLull & Partners

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

WeLull Mission:


At Lull Health & Wellness and Lull Yoga, our primary promise is to strengthen participants inherent and intuitive abilities within themselves inwardly, to cultivate happiness. Within this, clients have shared their deeper connection with self to expand their capacity to connect and create. All services implement science-based practices customized toward positivity psychology and spiritual wellness.

Who is behind this WeLull brand?

I am Natasha Baillères, founder and CEO of Lull Health & Wellness and Lull Yoga. As a small business, you can know with confidence, that when your asking a question or seeking 1-1 counseling on site, it is me on the other end responding; working with you every step of the way. I am passionate about the science behind spirit mind and body medicine. I enjoy learning and growing within ALL THINGS WELLNESS! Message me for any questions or curiosity you have about WeLull @

How did WeLull DOGA practices come to fruition?

After a difficult season losing my brother and best friend Alexander Baillères in 2019, I was fortunate to receive the pup we rescued 6 years prior, Cooper. While studying clinical psychology, grief & animal human bond at Columbia University while simultaneously producing at, the development of WeLull's D'oga came into fruition. This practice, incorporating my animal human bond, wellness and production knowledge, assisted with creating meaning from my grief.  


Why offer digital practices?

 Lull Health and Wellness was founded while building digital literacy, working and training at top companies, while studying the science behind spirit mind and body medicine. Offering wellness practices online, and planning in person events during the quarantine period of COVID-19, Lull Yoga now offers breath work, mindfulness and yoga group trainings. In addition to these practices's I also offer Animal human bond Doga events for your chosen & approved community!

Partners & Clients

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