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     Preview of a Lull Subscription

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening! 

This is an example of a subscription page. Here you would find archives of your weekly live recorded meditation practices. Depending on the subscription, the video archives will contain the audio of your live meditations with visuals edits.  You can ensure privacy for yourself and participants, knowing your personal video will not be shared after practice. It is only used to guide your instructor for cueing live meditations. 


Before searching for the meditation you are seeking right now, I invite you to take a  brief moment to ground. Start by taking a deep inhale; breathe in through the nose ~belly rises, chest fills, shoulders rise~, pause in stillness, and exhale through the mouth ~belly lowers, chest empties, shoulders lower ~.

Please search below for the meditation you would like to practice. In a full subscription you can  type keywords to search for what you're seeking to revisit.  Now, Let's begin :)

Preview Subscription

Preview Subscription

Preview Subscription
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Good Morning Wake Up

Good Morning Wake Up

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Me Maintenance meditation

Me Maintenance meditation

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Meet Your Instructor

Hello members. My Name is Natasha Baillères.

I am your instructor and the owner of Lull Health & Wellness. Please feel confident in engaging in practice with me, with the awareness of my experience and credentials. I have studied at and am now a consultant for Columbia Universities Spirituality Mind and Body Institute, expanding outreach and access to Clinical Psychology and wellness seminars available for business's, educational institutions and corporations. I have an M.A in Clinical Psychology as well as an M.Ed in Education Psychology with emphasis on spirit mind and body medicine. With great excitement to lead you in your weekly wellness meditations, I'd like to share why WeLull's mission provides wellness in the workplace.


Incorporating meditation into your work week will assist you to ground inwardly for leading outwardly. Each meditation practice will have a set intention that will later be shared on this archive page. You will have unlimited access revisit while your collaborative's subscription is live. If you have any meditation requests, please feel free to send them in the green chat box for the following week.


Engaging in Meditation in the workplace has shown to increase productivity and focus, increase client revenue, reduce anxiety, advance communication, improve relationships with colleagues and prolong feelings of gratitude and/or happiness for one's career after intentional practices.

WeLull client subscription feedback:

- 98% excitement to join weekly morning meetings.

- 98% increased work flow after morning meditation.

- 95% increased focus and productivity after morning meditation. 

- 79% $$$ increase in earnings or pay raise during their subscription.

-100% practiced meditation from video archives 1-5 times per week.

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