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Please Don't Go: A book about sibling loss

Please Don't Go: A book about sibling loss

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Losing a sibling is confusing, heartbreaking and a very painful experience. It can be very difficult to understand as an adult and as a young child.  Though this is true, there are different ways to understand this loss.


In this heartwarming, developmental level read, author Natasha Baillères, M.A.,M.Ed., walks you through her experience losing a sibling. This poetic book is a hopeful read for a family who lost a brother, sister, daughter or son. While encouraging exploration, Please Don't Go is written in a relatable voice to assist  young children understand their emotions through color, pictures and words. This book creates space for readers imagination, spirit and mind, to search for signs and create meaning from the loss of a loved one. 

This book can be personalized with names and characters of the loved one you have lost. When reading to yourself or a child, substitute the names and pronouns for the person whom you've lost.

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