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Bridge The Gap
                 Through Breath

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Upcoming Breathwork Events

Early Bird  June Events

weBreathe at Wellspring88

Join Natasha at Wellspring88 in Redondo Beach, CA for a transformative breathwork Experience with weBreathe

weBreathe at Mudwtr

Join Natasha at Mudwtr Gather in Santa Monica, CA  for a transformative breathwork Experience with weBreathe

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Welcome to the transformative world of breathwork, where the simple act of breathing becomes an extraordinary journey towards enhanced well-being and self-discovery.

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Hello, I am Natasha Baillères, M.A., M.Ed.

I'm here to bridge YOUR gap with breath. WeBreathe is the bridge of traditional psychological tools and mind altering states that are measurable. Breathwork is the cheat code that lives within you to process emotional blocks naturally and at a higher frequency. When you breathe consciously, you can release stress, anxiety, pain points, and open yourself up to new possibilities. When working with me, you will receive guidance to reach altered states in session proven to push through "blocks" and leave with tools that YOU can practice on your own. 

Scientific evidence found that breathwork can increase levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which are associated with feelings of well-being and happiness as well as reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Research has also shown that breathwork can induce changes in brain activity similar to those seen during psychedelic experiences. Group participants who underwent our circular breathing techniques showed increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with attention, decision-making, and emotional regulation.


M.A | Graduate School of Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, Spirit Mind Body Institute, NY

M.ED | Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University, CA

Breath Work | Loka Yoga School, Bali, Indonesia

Breath Work | International Breathwork Foundation

Spirit Mind Body Certification| Spirit Mind Body Institute, Columbia University, NY

Psychology of Self- Regulation Course | Harvard University, MA

Reiki Level 2 | Yoga Loft Manhattan Beach, CA

Yin & Restorative Yoga | Yoga Loft Manhattan Beach, CA

Vinyasa Flow Yoga | Yoga Farms Ithica, NY


Registered Yoga Teacher | Yoga Farms Ithica, NY

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“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”



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Why Breath?
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The Science

The results are in, Breathwork works. While still fairly new to the mainstream world, humans have been using breathwork for thousands of years.


Numerous studies have shown that various breathwork techniques activate the nervous system, stimulate your cells, regulate hormones, promote homeostasis, as well as many other physiological and psychological effects affects.


Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist and pioneer in the study of psychedelic therapy, compared breathwork to the use of mushrooms because both practices can lead to altered states of consciousness, including visions, insights, and feelings of deep connection. This is known as holotropic breathwork. 


weBreathe offers 4 foundational breathing practices to assist you reach heightened and altered states of being as well as diverse pranayama practices for DAILY, sustainable practice. Here YOU gain the ability to take control. 


But you'll just have to see for yourself...

White Sheet
"While living in LA I worked with Natasha on breathwork frequently. Being new to breathwork she was a great leader in recommending different techniques & even simply ways to sit to have the most in depth meditation to go inward. I always left feeling like a new person, for the better, and I’ve taken the tips and tricks with me now that I’m not in LA. I am excited that Natasha offers the ability to work with her virtually. Meditation and breath work are hard to get into on your own and I am the type of person that needs guidance. Natasha did that an more! I cannot say enough good things about her and Lull Health and Wellness!"

Stephanie S., Dental Hygiene

Online Subscription: 1 on 1

Tommy M. Yoga Instructor

weBreathe: Teacher Training


"Natasha did an amazing job. Through her online sessions, I was able to be introduced to the the practice, which has had a tremendous impact on my overall health and wellness. Extremely grateful for her and the whole Team!"

Jason Reid, PH.D Student

Online Subscription: 1 on 1 

Valerie Chang, Yoga Instructor

weBreathe: Course & Teacher Training


Bijana B. LMFT, Therapist 

weBreathe: Course & Teacher Training


"Honestly for a nerd like me my fave thing was the amount of information and using research. I’m a researcher so I live in those data and numbers and it really helped me just trust the process and commit to it daily and help realize it’s like any practice- but I also work in pharmaceutical research so it really hits home for me "...."
"It's amazing where your mind goes when youre doing breathwork. I really understand that beter today when I actually had something to work through. I am ready to face my day with compassion AND strength. Thank you for teaching me how imporant this practice is <3 It means more to me than I can truly express."

Kimberly L. Pharmaceuticals

weBReathe: Teacher Training

Tara Moran, R.D., Dietitian 

1 on 1 Training weBreathe

"Sooo good! Gets me in my body and out of my head. Extremely tapped in! Highly recommend. Love the balance between Science and spirituality."

Miles Hanson, Brand Marketing

3 pack: 1 on 1  |  Reiki

"I had such an amazing experience exploring myself through Tasha’s work. I gained tremendous insight, enlightenment, and tools to take with me where ever I am now. I couldn’t rave about this experience with Tasha much more."

Sydney F.  Fitness Trainer

Equinox Gym 

3 pack: 1 on 1

Meghan Buschini, Coach

ibreathe: Intro to Self Control 

weBreathe: Course & Teacher Training


We invite you to unlock the immense power of your breath, a scientifically proven tool to reduce anxiety, releases blockages, and increases your awareness.


Our breathwork practices are built to empower you and your clients with an array of life-changing benefits, from bolstering physical health to nurturing mental clarity, and ultimately bridging the gap between the present moment and your fullest potential.

Partners and Clients

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