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weBreathe Foundational Techniques

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Join Natasha Baillères, M.A., M.Ed., founder of WeBreathe, to unlock the transformative power of breathwork through weBreathe. Explore the four foundational breathing techniques backed by science and ancient wisdom. These techniques have proven to enhance emotional well-being and create a pathway to access altered states of consciousness. This course is for you if: You're brand new to breathwork (seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or mindset/emotional blocks) A seasoned practitioner interested in breathwork techniques (blending pranayama, holotropic, and transformational breathing) A wellness coach (seeking tools for your toolbox) A therapist (seeking tools for your toolbox) These techniques will transform your relationship with breathwork. "After losing my brother, I felt incapable of accessing emotions other than grief. After studying, engaging with, and testing diverse breathing practices, I created 4 foundational techniques that allowed me to break through past trauma, the loss of my brother, and realign with my spirit." - Natasha B

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