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Positive Mindset & Action Plan

Positive Mindset & Action Plan

Identify and Reframe negative thoguh patterns with this Positive Mindset & Action Plan, created by owner of Lull Health & Wellnes, Natasha Bailleres, M.A., M.Ed. This process and worksheet was constructed based on scientifically proven results including techniques from Cognitive Bheavioral Therapy, Positiive Psychology and Rational Emotive Behavior techniques. Reframe how you identify with unhealthy emotions to healthy. 


When you find yourself engaging in self-doubt, shaming, or self-destructive thought patterns, use this worksheet containing a sequence to shift to a more positive and empowering mindset.


After completing the self-help sheet, this digital download contains a worksheet to create an action plan for the next 30 days. This plan should include daily exercises or homework that will help you eliminate harmful, irrational beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, and reinforce new, healthy thought patterns.


The third and final sheet contains a day to day worksheets helping you identify your To-Do's and overcome potential set backs BEFORE they arise. 

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